Children’s dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry which is devoted to oral health maintenance in infants and adolescents as well. Oral health maintenance in children is of supreme importance also due to the fact that facial bones are in dynamic growth. Bad arrangement of deciduous teeth and damages which lead to premature extraction can cause considerable complications related to the proper growth of facial bones. We do believe that children’s dentistry can and should be conducted without any threats ,exhortation or pain but in the most pleasant way. With our behavior we aim to preserve your child’s positive attitude to dental care through all his or her life and to ensure his or her relishing good oral health. A large number of ailments can be prevented by prophylaxis and we possess the knowledge that we can share with both your children and you- their caring parents.

We also have a special attitude to children with specific health needs.

  • Caries Treatment
  • Pulpitis and periodontitis Treatment
  • Silanization( filling of deep fissures).


It is estimated that caries occurance among children, especially in recently perforated teeth( round the 6th year of age the first permanent mollars appear) has considerably grown among children. It is due to incomplete enamel mineralization in the area of fissures of those teeth as well as to their bigger ability to keep plaque. The fissures (folds) of those teeth are so narrow and deep that the toothbrush cannot penetrate into them and remove the tooth plaque. The silanization prevents tooth damage especially in the fissures, where most often caries starts from.

Indications for silanes :

  • Recently perforated teeth
  • Deep fissures
  • Caries affected children’s deciduous teeth
  • Caries prevention of permanent teeth

Advantages of silanes:

  • Resistant under humid conditions
  • Resistant to wiping off and shrinking
  • A stable colour
  • Quick thickening
  • No preliminary filing is necessary
  • Fluorids included, which enhance enamel mineralization
  • Caries reduction, about 80 %
  • Durability of 2-8 years